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Info about the area

Hertfordshire's Frogmore village is located in close proximity to Radlett and just 2 miles to the south of St Albans. The area is home to a 19th-century church, an authentic Mill, the Frogmore Pits and the Frogmore Cricket Club.

More About Frogmore


Frogmore’s history goes back to the times before the Roman Conquest, but the area is mostly known for the Watling Street and its significance during the Roman period. Later excavations and research have also shown traces of Neolithic, Saxon and Norman presence. Featured in Daniel Paterson's 1796 travel guide, the village was initially formed to "promote interest in the local history” as well as nature conservation.

Architectural Heritage


Frogmore village welcomes visitors with a classic countryside aesthetic, offering much-needed shelter from the haphazard life in metropolitan areas. As a result, real estate prices in the area are rather high because of the limited number of properties and close proximity to Radlett and Central London.

Bars, pubs and restaurants


Despite its relatively small size, Frogmore is more than capable of offering you exceptional dining experience. You've got places like the Globe Inn, where you can enjoy a blend of modern and traditional aesthetic, The Frogmill Hotel and the Seaflowers pub.

Parks and outdoor activities

Green spaces

If you’re itching to spend some time outdoors, head on over to Frogmore Pits. Perhaps one of the most popular tourist locations in the area, the ample open space of the Frogmore pits is a remnant of the local sand and gravel industry. Alternatively, you could also drop by the Moor Mill and have a look at some authentic waterwheels, or visit the Holy Trinity church, dating back to the 19th century.


Clubs and sports activities

The most famous club in the area is the Frogmore Cricket Club, which often plays in Park Street. For football enthusiasts, there are also the football and angling clubs.



Frogmore is home to two primary schools, both of which fully meet the Ofsted criteria for excellent educational establishments. For the more religiously inclined, there is the Park Street Church of England Primary School and Nursery, specialised in Christian-focused education. The other go-to educational establishment in the village, How Wood Primary School, recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary and earned a “warm, caring and happy” label from Ofsted. As far as secondary schools are concerned, the closest option is going to be the Marlborough Science Academy, located in St Albans.

How do I get there?


Frogmore is located just off the M25, facilitating quick and comfortable transportation to and from the village. If you happen to prefer the railway, the connections from Park Street to St Albans and Watford at your disposal.

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