On this page you will find some useful contact details and also some advice of what to do in certain circumstances that may arise during your tenancy. We hope that you find this information useful and should you have any suggestions for additional content then please feel free to let us know.

Q. Whose responsibility is it to notify the council (re council tax) gas, electric and water suppliers that I have moved into the address?
A. This responsibility lies with you, the tenant. If you do not know who the suppliers are you can find this out by calling the numbers listed in the ‘useful phone numbers’ section below. We will also notify the relevant companies of your tenancy as well as supplying you with all readings when your tenancy begins.

Q. Who do I call if there are any issues at the property?
A. If Open Estates are managing your property then you should always call us to discuss any issues, unless otherwise agreed. You can also email us at tenants@openestates.co.uk . If the landlord is managing the property then they should be your contact. You will find all relevant details in your welcome pack that you will receive shortly after moving into the property.

Q. If there is a problem at the property that involves the need for work to be carried out, can I just employ someone to do it and then bill the landlord?
A. No. Any work that needs to be carried out has to be authorised be either Open Estates, if we are the managing agent, or the landlord (unless otherwise agreed in writing.) All work will also need to be completed by an authorised contractor. If you pay for any work to be done to the property without authorisation you will not be entitled to reimbursement from the landlord and may be charged to have an authorised contractor put right any issues caused by the unauthorised contractor.

Q. Where is the nearest A&E to Radlett and Borehamwood?
A. The closest is Watford Hospital and Barnet Hospital. Please see below for contact details.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Council & Suppliers

Hertsmere Borough Council – 020 8207 2277
Gas Supplier Locator – 0870 608 1524
Electricity Supplier Locator – 0845 601 5467
Affinity Water – 0845 769 7985
Affinity Water Emergency – 0845 782 3333


Police/Fire/Ambulance – 999 (police non-emergency – 101)

Sewage Emergencies

Thames Water – 0845 920 0800
Anglican Water – 0845 714 5145