What you should look for when buying a house?

What you should look for when buying a house?

December, 2022

Buying a house can be an overwhelming experience. If you’re planning to make this huge investment, you must make the right choice. It’s a personal decision that needs careful consideration. When choosing a property, you need to consider the different aspects of a house and what elements could be a deal-maker or breaker.

Here are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a house.

Size of the house

How big do you want your home to be? Before finding a real estate agent, you should have a good idea of your preferred house size. What are the minimum and maximum square footage you can afford? You should also determine how many bathrooms and bedrooms you’ll need.

Your personal needs and your budget will determine the house size. If you plan to have a large family, you should check bigger properties. But it’ll be just you and your partner then smaller houses are the best choice.

There are pros to having a bigger home. For instance, you’ll have enough space for a bigger family. You can also accommodate several house guests. However, it’s more tedious and expensive to maintain compared to a smaller home. The latter is cheaper and easier to manage, making it an ideal option for those just starting out.

Living Room, bedroom, and bathroom

Do you want to have a warm and cosy living room? Search the internet or magazines for inspiration for the layout that you want for your living room. If you already have furniture, imagine how it would match the current style of the potential home’s living room layout. Check the location of the wall outlets. Are they located in spots where you want to place your TV? Is the room big enough? Do you prefer to have carpet or hardwood on the floors?

As for the bathroom, ensure all features are working, from the shower to the toilet. Check for signs of water damage, leaks, and mould. As for the bedroom, how many do you want to have? Do you plan to convert one room into a home office? How big do you want the bedrooms to be? Do the bedrooms have enough closet space? How about the windows and lights?

The exterior

Now, it’s not all about the home’s interior. You should also consider the exterior aspect of the house. You need to watch out for red flags, and you must also have a home inspection so that you don’t end up buying a house that’s not in good condition.

Check the foundation. Buying a house with a deteriorated foundation will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. You must watch out for cracks in the walls, windows, or doors that jam or stick. The roof must also be in good condition. You should ask how old the roof is and if there’s any sign of damage like leaks. A well-kept roof can last for several decades. Of course, it would still depend on the kind of materials used and if it’s been maintained regularly by the pros. Lastly, check the siding. Check for signs of damage, such as rotting wood, peeling paint, signs of decay, or cracks.

Your ideal yard

You should also know what your ideal yard is. What kind of yard do you want to have? Do you want a big one, or would you rather have a simple yard to maintain? You should also think about the yard features. Do you want a deck, patio, pool, or a built-in grill? Be sure to consider your preferred lot size, cost, maintenance requirements, and features for your front and backyard.

These are only a few factors you must consider when buying a house. Be sure to take these things into account before you make a purchase. 

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