6 great things you can do in Borehamwood

6 great things you can do in Borehamwood

January, 2022

If there is one thing that Borehamwood is famous for, it is the reputation of the place as a film location. As such, it has always been a point of interest for many who pass by, and even those who choose to buy a home here. The town has more than film history to offer. From green stretches to historic museums and premium entertainment, Borehamwood is nothing short of a gem town in Southern Hertfordshire.

Here are some of the best things you can do in Borenhamwood:

Walk the trails of Scratchwood

This big country park is the ideal place for cycling and hiking. With its endless meadows and forested lands, it spans over 57 hectares as a Site of Metropolitan Importance and Nature Conservation. Bird-watchers and wildlife-lovers flock here at the opportunity to experience nature in its finest forms. The park offers a great opportunity to those who wish to get away from the busy town for a little while and experience the beauty of this ancient woodland with oaken trees and wildflowers. The fact that it is so close by is a great plus.

Meadow Park

This football ground is used year-round to host professional matches, but can also be used for public recreation purposes. The grounds are home to the Boreham Wood F.C., as well as several other football clubs that play their matches here. But it is not just football matches visitors can come to enjoy here. There are also tennis courts and ball courts, which see a lot of visitors in the spring and autumn. There is also a teen shelter and children play areas, making this a great retreat for families.

De Havilland Aircraft museum

Did you know that this aviation museum is one of the oldest aircraft museums in the UK? It opened in 1959 and hosts a variety of photos, artefacts and documents related to the very rich history of aviation of Britain. There are exhibits of aircraft engines and a full aircraft that was used in World War II – 1949 De Havilland DH Vampire FB. 5.

Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf

If you wish to explore one of the most exciting places in Borehamwood, you cannot go wrong with this 18-hole miniature golf course complete with a dinosaur theme. It is an ideal place for golf novices and experts alike, as it offers quite a few challenging holes. It is a dog-friendly destination, so you can grab even your 4-legged members of the family and explore the wonders of the park in the shadows of scary prehistoric dinosaurs. It is a fantastic venue for the birthday of your child because there is the option for private parties hire.

Arkley village

The beautiful surroundings of Arkley Village can be traced as far back as the 14th century. By far the most popular feature is the 19th-century windmill, which dominates the townscape. Many historic buildings can be visited here, including medieval or more modern ones that played a role in World War II.
Elstree studios – the iconic film studio of Borehamwood is associated with certain notable films, like the Star Wars saga and ‘A league of their own. This studio is still in use, with productions such as ‘The Voice’ being done here. The studio has launched the careers of many notable individuals like Ray Milland, Stewart Granger and Laurence Olivier.

Borehamwood is an interesting area to visit and to live in. Anyone looking for a home here will be more than delighted to find out more about our services and how we can help their dreams come true.

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