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Least favourite interior design trends

Wed 6 Dec 2017

We often give advice about how to prepare your property so it’s more likely to sell, but this time we thought it would be useful to focus on what not to do. Whilst you may think it’s a good idea to flick through the latest glossy magazines to

recreate what’s supposedly hip and trendy right now, you must be careful – not everyone is going to like it.

House Beautiful magazine did some research about interior design trends after coming across a popular forum thread on mumsnet. The mums were discussing what they hate most about interior designs, prompting the magazine to

uncover their main peeves. At the top of the list was grey walls – although a lot of people did admit to being fans of the grey paint, so if your walls are grey it may or may not be a problem!  

Other trends that came in for a lot of criticism were wall art, inspirational quotes, wicker hearts, crushed velvet and ladders used as shelves. So if you’re considering making a few tweaks to make your property look more homely, avoid

these ones!

Aspects of interior design that might be more tricky to deal with include open plan living spaces, black kitchen units and metro tiles.

Just say no to avocado

Bathrooms.com have also undertaken research about unpopular interior design trends that can have an adverse effect when it comes to selling your property. Top of the no-nos was wood panelling, with nearly half of the people surveyed

saying they wouldn’t even consider buying a property that still had it.

The company also estimated that if you have an avocado bathroom suite (yes, apparently around 325,000 homes still do), you can say goodbye to at least £5,000 from the asking price immediately.

Other fixtures and fittings that got the thumbs down were built-in bars, artex ceilings, brick fireplaces, built-in wardrobes over the bed, and crazy paving. Also on the list of dislikes were woodchip, heavily patterned carpet and textured


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